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Our products : ceramic pressure sensors ma18e-0 (3 tinned pads)

Amplified monolithic pressure sensors / High temperature

Ceramic pressure sensors have excellent performances, offer good chemical compatibility with most agressive fluids and a very competitive price !

Two structures exist :

Monolithic pressure sensors (“monolit sensor”®): As written, the sensors is built in one piece of ceramic. This simplicity reduces the manufacturing time so reduces strongly the cost. Due to this design, theses sensors measure only gauge/relative pressure.

Composit sensors: The membrane is assembled on its base plate by a glass sealing technic. This flush membrane design allows its use on numerous applications when necessary. Absolute and gauge measurement are available in this sensors family. Compared to monolithic, composites sensors have lower (down to 250 mbar FS) and higher full scale (up to 1000 bar FS).  Overpressure limits are also higher.

monolit sensor”® is a registred name of CiTy Sensors

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