Kolektor City Sensors company profile.

Kolektor City Sensors company Profile

City Sensors facilities at Massy

Kolektor City Sensors facilities at Massy

For 30 years, Kolektor City Sensors designs and manufactures Pressure Sensors for automotive and industrial applications.
The word “sensors” means “sensing elements”, that is to say that we do not manufacture any standard Transducer or Transmitter for general purpose applications.
Let’s say that we offer a pressure sensing component which must be integrated inside a Transducer (or Transmitter) assembly, or directly integrated inside a machine which requires a pressure control.

Of course, we provide our Customers with very detailed technical informations on how to use those sensors, in order to get the best performance available.
We also cooperate very closely with our Customers to orientate them towards the right solution and participate to their technical integration design.

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